Grow. The harvesting robot.

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Winner best innovative campaign Greentech

made for more

the challenge

More and more greenhouse owners are transitioning to become more independent of energy, manual labour and weather influences. Part of the puzzle is the usage of robotic platforms for measuring, picking and distributing crops from ‘plant to transport’.

the inspiration

Forward-thinking high tech greenhouse owners are busy fulltime with the transition into autonomous greenhouses. GRoW, the plucking robot, could accelerate this. Strangely enough, many owners think robots are science fiction. This perception is fueled by competitors of GRoW cluttering the media with all sorts of ‘soon-this-will-be-possible-in-the-future’ smokescreens to hide the short comings of their start-up lab products in an attempt to buy more time.

the content

GRoW should not be perceived as experiment with more to come: it’s a reality. It’s here, alive and plucking. A high-quality plucking robot with two arms. Ready to pluck.

Our campaign needed to claim leadership, based on the positioning ‘accelerating autonomy’ and the proposition ‘Made for More’ via the 360 communications platform: Get Serious. Please!

the growth

All robots have been sold.
The waitlist is growing.