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the challenge

Truckland is the largest commercial vehicle dealer in the Netherlands with 19 branches in Belgium and Spain. The challenge they parked with us: design a website that represents the identity of Truckland today with a website that is future-proof while improving the user experience significantly and shift conversion and leads into the next gear.

the start

Research showed that users experienced competitor sites (and Truckland) as crowded and confusing. One of the interviewees stated it “feels like you start the engine and right around the corner you get stuck in a traffic jam from hell and no clue where to go next”. To put it mildly: an observation that triggered our interest.

the work

In fact it triggered our interest in ‘traffic roundabouts’. Roundabouts guide massive flows of traffic from 4 directions, guides behavior and gives everyone oversight. From whatever direction you arrive the next step is clear. What can we ‘mimic’ from roundabouts to influence the driving behaviour of visitors visiting us at Truckland.

the growth

The entire transition, from research to live, took 4 months. Delivering 23% more leads compared to the previous website.