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Being your true self: Priceless


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the challenge

The LGBTQIA+ community is facing an increase of misconceptions and challenges. How can we raise awareness to broaden consumer understanding of the transgender and non-binary community, and further position Mastercard as an active ally for the community​.

the insight

Rather than speaking on behalf of the community, the campaign needed to be centred on impact, prioritising inclusivity through community co-creation. In an engaging way, leveraging authentic voices and perspectives.

the content

We co-created a podcast platform hosted by Fred van Leer (TV-personality) and part of the community), interviewing:
1. Deen (he/him they/them)- Discussing gender identity, queer joy, and masculinity.​
2. Ma’MaQueen (she/her they/them) – Advocating for the queer community, femininity, and drag history.​
3. Marie-Lea (she/her) – Exploring the ballroom scene, queer culture, and experiences as a trans woman.​
4. Gia Bab (she/her)- Addressing challenges faced by a trans woman in the fashion industry.​

the growth

The Pride Side was praised as an example of true commitment, using the power of the brand to inspire and make a difference now and for the future. The campaign was also nominated for several awards, including the European Excellence Awards.