Disneyland Paris

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Priceless magic


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the challenge

Following the recent launch of Mastercard The Netherlands’ Instagram channel and modest following, we set out to create a campaign that would help grow our Instagram channel and engage our target audience.

the insight

Knowing that there’s nothing more magical than the feeling of hearing that you’re going to Disneyland Paris is Priceless. We partnered with Disney®-superfan and famous Dutch actress and influencer Carolien Karthaus-Spoor to be the face of the campaign.

the content

We let Carolien activate the community by creating a video about how you would react if we would tell you that you’re going to Disneyland Paris. High-level engagement from participants generated incredible user generated content, which gave our channel magical exposure.

the growth

The campaign outperformed expectations across owned, influencer and paid targets and received some truly Priceless user generated content. The campaign has been entered for the 2022 Best Social Awards (NL).