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Harnessing the power of great discussion.

the challenge

The increasing demand for palm oil, meat and soy is the real driver behind the deforestation. With low impact logging FSC offers the local population an alternative. Responsible forest management increases the value of the tropical forest and ensures sufficient income a valid reason for many to stop cutting down the forest. Therefore, it’s good to use certified tropical timber.

the insight

We organised Mind & Mood sessions with all stakeholders. What hit us was how passionate they were about not using tropical timber. Not using it here is good for the forest there. While in fact it is completely the opposite. If we use more certified timber over here, we protect more tropical forest over there.

the idea

It was clear that we needed to ’challenge’ the perception by starting a two-way conversation about tropical timber that allows people to make up their own mind rather than force-feeding them a bunch of messages trying to flog timber. Avoiding a nannying, patronising approach and tonality. By demonstrating transparency and honesty in addressing even the toughest tropical timber issues.

the growth

The first tranche of the campaign was and generated the great discussion we hoped for. Although still too early to underpin it with numbers.