Distributing brand assets

Category: digital solutions & innovation


UX, design, development, tooling, assets at scale. UX, brand asset management, data analytics.

from information to experience



the challenge

In the highly competitive market for mobile phones and accessoires, new product launches have accelerated at breakneck speed Channel partners demand seamless, accurate and spot-on communication. Samsung challenged us to make an accessible and engaging visualised marketing toolkits to support market introductions while improving the entire experience.

the inspiration

We started with UX and design from the ground up to create and craft a new generation of sales collateral and built an online portal to ensure all channel partners have access to the latest assets. Easy navigation and search bars enable partners to locate the appropriate content and share the correct copy with the speed of light.

the result

Besides better visualisation, online marketing assets are better positioned in flagship launches of new products which increases sales. An additional win is the efficiency as channel partners can easily find all updated assets online, cutting out the time it would have taken to reach out by mail or phone to the Samsung team. Furthermore, we designed an analytics framework to capture location and other data.