Wood. The natural choice.

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the challenge

Only 5% of all housing constructions in Belgium are made from timber. While 40 percent of total CO2 emissions are related to construction, wood is the only material that helps tackle climate change. It’s renewable, it can be recycled, it can be re-used. Its waste is 100 per cent biodegradable. How can we trigger professional audiences to think outside their ‘brick-concrete-plastic’ repertoire?

the inspiration

Digging through research, talking to audiences and analysis of data brought us the following insight: other materials are not the real competition, the daily routine is. It’s much easier to calculate, construct and design with the materials you always use. Wood is perceived as the finishing touch, not the start.

the content

Wood is not a good cause. It’s a serious material. But it’s hard to see all of its qualities. After all, it’s been around us for 347 million years. The backbone of all our storytelling holds ‘better’ and ‘begin’ as cues. Why think about waste recycling if you can avoid it from the start, in a non-confrontational manner. The smooth formats effortlessly guide professionals through the worlds of wood (while we harvest the data) from inspiration to information to education to constructing to buying.

The growth

Research is in full swing. So too early to tell. The results so far look more than promising.