Geel en blauw maakt groen

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sustainability, it’s in our DNA


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 The site attracted 250.000 visitors



the challenge

Say “banana” and you think Chiquita. The brand’s awareness and preference were all in excellent condition. But the brand’s role in helping to achieve a sustainable world was still underexposed.

the inspiration

Proving sustainability is easy. Chiquita drives hundreds of sustainability initiatives. But how do you communicate a sustainable message in an unashamedly mainstream way?

the idea

Sustainability was hidden in the brand’s DNA. All we needed was to bring it out and showcase it. Mix yellow and blue, and it turns 100% green! 24 clay animations, created by influencers, told the story for each specific sustainability project.

the growth

The campaign was applauded by the retailers and immediately picked up by the press, gaining coverage from quality newspapers to radio stations. It fundamentally shifted the way buyers view sustainability and Chiquita.