Launching new brand assets

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the challenge

Brand assets of newly introduced products need to be shared among channels, influencers and other partners before the launch of a new device. Is it possible to share supporting assets in a safe and secure way while minimizing the risk of pre-embargo leaking? Even better: pre-embargo leaking of brand assets should be prevented and identified in real time 24/7.

the inspiration

On top of the Consilio portal, a state-of-the-art software solution that facilitates an innovative invisible digital watermarking solution, to protect and share assets with channel partners. Besides smoother access, great UX, seamless navigation and invisible watermarking, the very selective permission allocations enable to share selected assets with selected individuals.

the result

The channel partners are better able to find and locate assets. While limiting the users with access to open source files or other assets only relevant to select group of users. The digital watermarking enables us to identify unique users that have shared assets prior to the embargo date and avoid this for the next launch to protect the brand and maximising the impact of the product launch.