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the challenge

Centrum Hout, is the point of contact for wood and wood producers in the Netherlands. It’s the collective knowledge base, source of information and communication hub with the aim to stimulate optimal and frequent use of wood and wooden products. Centrum Hout approached us with a wonderful challenge: increase the market share of wood in construction compared to other materials by 5% in 3 years.

the insight

Position wood as the most sustainable and climate-friendly building material. Hout. Natuurlijk van Nu is not only the tagline, it is the driving force (product, service, mentality, proof) behind all communication. On the one hand, we want to cherish our natural advantages. On the other hand with the word ‘now’ we want prove that we innovate at an unprecedented pace.

the content

The support structure of the campaign is all about the material for today andthe future. In terms of content, there are always two components: the insight ‘van nu’ (with an eye and ear for reality) and with attention to the persona (that leads to inspiration, education or solution) that is ‘always relevant and professional: Natuurlijk van Nu. How we do this depends on touchpoint and context.

the growth

Timber is revolutionizing the way Holland builds. Marketshare is up by 11.6%.