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van Gogh

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brand strategy, visual-verbal-motion identity, photography, online, socials, packaging, instore presentations, brand manual, brand book.

be inspired





the challenge

Van Gogh has a strong base among settled artists. To increase penetration among students and artists Van Gogh needed to open up, to invite a new generation of artists. Van Gogh felt like the statue that you pass by every day and never notice, until someone splashes a bucket with paint over its head. A bucket of paint is overdoing it, but the Van Gogh sure needed a facelift.

the inspiration

The brand strategy sharpened and defined its purpose and values. To better reflect the brand in today’s culture and position it as the primary resource for stimulating progress and get the most out of your talent. Articulated in one powerful brush stroke: ‘Be Inspired’. As the communication platform driving all brand experiences and touchpoints celebrating what one can achieve by pushing the limits of their artistic talent.

the idea

The previous identity was visually muted and reserved, formal and imposing. “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.” This quote informed the identity. By contrast, the new identity is lively and dynamic, colourful and optimistic. With an easy conversational style, in a tone resonating with warm, plain-speaking familiarity.

the growth

The new Van Gogh was launched January 2023 at Creativeworld in Frankfurt. More news will follow.