Wat als we hout weer serieus gaan nemen.




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Hout is natuurlijk, hernieuwbaar en duurzaam. Met een veel lichtere koolstofafdruk dan baksteen, staal of beton. Door het gebruik van hout uit duurzaam beheerde bossen te maximaliseren kunnen miljoenen tonnen CO2 uit de atmosfeer worden gehaald.

The question

Branch organization Fedustria asked us on behalf of all product groups within the wood and furniture sector to develop an awareness campaign to encourage the use of wood as a sustainable material for construction and interior.


Our answer

‘Wood. The natural choice’ . Get journalists, policy makers, architects, interior architects and contractors thinking. Ask them questions. Show them that choosing wood as a material for construction and interior (and many other applications) is the only real, sustainable choice.


What if…?

In the first part of our campaign, we ask challenging ‘WHAT IF’ questions. What if, for example, we were allowed to build the iconic Atomium again. Would we choose aluminum, steel and concrete again? What if we started building more houses of wood or what if all crash barriers and windmills in Belgium were made of wood? These are all questions on which our new pay-off ‘Wood. The natural choice.’ is always the affirmative answer. The second part of the campaign will focus on looking ahead. Because anyone who builds looks to the future and invests in it. 


Target audiences

The campaign is very specifically tailored to specific target groups and will encourage a visit to the extensive website ‘Hout. The natural choice.’.


Platform wooddenaturalchoice.be

This digital platform takes into account members’ projects that we can bring to the attention of the target groups. All media input is measured, and all visits to the digital platform are monitored. In which we tell the big picture about the material, sustainability, climate goals, our future, compared to other materials.


Om het verhaal van hout op een kort en krachtige manier onder de aandacht te brengen.

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