Diabetes Fonds


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How to tell the whole story with four simple words.

Nearly 1.2 million Dutch people have diabetes and another one joins their number every 10 minutes. Despite these dramatic figures, the general public still knows little about the impact of the disease on everyday life. The Diabetes Fund commissioned us to develop an awareness campaign aimed at giving the Dutch a clearer understanding of the disease.

The question
Show the impact of diabetes on daily life.

The Solution
Prikken, meten, spuiten, eten (prick, test, inject, eat).

Our campaign illustrates the constricting conditions under which many people with diabetes live their lives. If you get diabetes, your life changes drastically. Every day you prick your finger, test your blood glucose levels, inject insulin and take a bite to eat. And you never get a day off. This is diabetes for people like 13-year-old Bloem, the girl in our TV commercial.

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