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How to give people more info on a sensitive topic...

The days when people had their concerns about cosmetic surgery like botox and fillers are long gone. But unfortunately, along with growing demand there’s also been a rise in malpractice. So it’s time to tell the Netherlands more about these procedures. Because now is the moment you can become the most beautiful version of yourself.

The request
Create wide publicity for the opening of a new location in Den Bosch and give potential customers an opportunity to visit it.

Our solution
Beauty Lecture

Organize a Beauty Lecture at each new location opening. Together with a host, Dr. Catharina Meijer (founder, physician and Chair of the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Surgery) will hold a Q&A session for visitors.

During the very first edition of the Beauty Lecture, in Den Bosch, those attending could witness a live injectables treatment. This allowed DermaClinic to inform people in a qualitative way about their products, clinics and techniques. And remove any doubts or prejudices, while also claiming the authoritative position in the field of cosmetic care.

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