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How do you ensure wood gets used more in the construction industry?

Wood has an image problem: there are many misconceptions, which are to a large extent quite easy to refute. These perceived drawbacks are mainly down to perceptions. And what may once have been genuine disadvantages, such as being a ‘fire hazard’ or ‘not being able to build high constructions’, are nowadays soon solved through the power of innovation.

The request

Research shows that the main target groups know that wood is a sustainable building material, but don’t necessarily opt for it. The timber sector continues to face unfair negative associations that exist about wood when it comes to maintenance, fire, lifespan and logging, making wood difficult to market. The campaign is aimed at changing, and even transforming, that perception.

Our solution

Wood. Today’s natural choice.

Wood is quintessentially natural. There is no more natural or environmentally-friendly building material than wood. By adding the words ‘Today’s natural choice’ we show that wood is the material for today and the future, especially in times of climate debates, CO2 agreements, and changing political, societal and economic demands.

Choosing wood must once again be a choice that goes without saying. Half a year before going live, we started building a strong social community. So that by the launch in October 2019, Centrum Hout had built up a large group of followers, each of whom they could use as an ambassador.

In October, we released a manifesto film in which we launched The New Wood Age. Following which, we were guests for a whole week on national radio station BNR’s Big Five. The campaign will continue on social media, using a variety of online formats, until at least the end of 2020.

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